You want to make sure that your security system is not accessible by criminals. These criminals don’t need to be near your security cameras to cause problems. Even wired security cameras can be hacked. This may send chills down your spine. However, there are some things you can do that will protect your cameras and the rest your security system.

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Is it possible to hack a wired security system?

Although wired security cameras are less vulnerable to hacking than wireless models, an intrusion is still possible. Hackers must physically gain access to wired cameras in order to hack them. Hackers will need to physically access the camera to hack it. Hackers can access your wired cameras through insecure network devices.

It is false to believe that wired cameras can’t be hacked. Wireless cameras are more susceptible due to their easy access over a network. However, the same configurations can be broken for wired cameras. Accessing your camera via a smartphone, laptop or other device exposes it to the internet. This makes it vulnerable to unauthorised access.

How can hackers gain access to security cameras? You might believe you have high-level security for your camera if you have an authentication page. These pages can be easily hacked, especially if hackers use automated tools to guess the password and username.

You can also access security cameras from other locations that aren’t accessible via the internet. Access to your camera can be granted by an internet-connected router, DVR or other device. Although it’s more difficult than guessing passwords, hackers will need to exploit a flaw in the camera’s firmware or DVR to gain access to these devices.

How to find out if your Wired Security Camera is hacked?

It can be difficult to determine if your security camera has been hacked. Unusual activity could be caused by a change to the settings. This could indicate that your system has been hacked. These are signs that your system may have been hacked.


If you are unable to access your security camera, it is a sign that you have been compromised. The hacker may disable your camera in many cases. Be sure to check that the camera isn’t experiencing any physical issues that could disrupt the signal or video before panicking.


You may notice a lens shift, change in credentials, or other unusual settings. This could indicate that someone else has accessed your camera. This will make sure that no one else has made the changes. Also, you must rule out automatic firmware and system updates.


A hacked security camera will show abnormal movements or shifts on the screen in most cases. A few issues can be caused by damaged hardware, but professionals should inspect any unusual modifications.

A compromised system could reveal sensitive information about your home or business. To resolve the problem, contact a professional security company if you suspect your security cameras were hacked. The professional will inspect your system settings to find any signs that indicate a compromised system. They will then help you to create a safer environment for your security systems.

How to Keep Wired Security Cameras Secure

You can see that wired security cameras are vulnerable to hackers. However, there are ways to protect them. These are some tips that can help you accomplish this task.


The firmware of your security camera will become safer when you update it. Many manufacturers of security cameras release firmware updates. The company releases updates to software and hardware when a flaw or vulnerability is reported. This makes the system more secure.


If you want your wired security camera to be more secure, create an authentication page. These password-protected areas will not be secure if you use the same password to access them all. Hackers could easily crack these passwords to gain access to your camera. To secure your cameras, you will need a strong password that includes a mixture of numbers and symbols, lower and uppercase characters, numbers, as well as numbers.


Two-factor authentication is not a common option for wired cameras. However, it can be used if you have the choice. These settings are a great way of protecting your devices. To access the camera, you will need a secret code and password. For those who don’t have two-factor authentication, you should continue to use those strong passwords.


Hackers can easily hack any internet-accessible router. These devices act as your gateway to the Internet. Without proper security measures, you can give away all of your cameras, even wired, without any restrictions.


TriStar Security Services can help you if you are concerned about your cameras’ security or suspect that you have been hacked. TriStar Security Services will send a team of certified technicians to inspect the cameras at your home or business. We will give you tips on how to protect your system from potential intruders. Our team can help you gain access to the system if it has been accessed. We will make sure your security system is secure from unauthorized access.