CCTV Cameras

Surveillance cams

There are now a choice of options for any sector thanks to the many various types of CCTV cameras on the market. Because of this wide variety, choose which CCTV camera is best for your business may be tough.

The following are the nine most common types of CCTV cameras:

  • Bullet CCTV Cameras C-Mount CCTV Cameras Dome CCTV Cameras
  • Cameras with Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ)
  • CCTV Cameras (Day/Night)
  • CCTV Cameras with Infrared/Night Vision
  • IP/Network Security Cameras
  • Wireless Surveillance Cameras
  • CCTV Cameras with High Definition (HD)

Are you unsure which CCTV camera to purchase for your business? The advantages of each of the many types of CCTV systems are summarised below. To protect your property and employees, use our professional guidance to choose a solution that is appropriate for the job and delivers the degree of protection you require.

CCTV Dome Cameras


The dome-shaped shell in which a dome CCTV camera is housed gives the camera its name. Despite the fact that these CCTV cameras are quite unobtrusive in appearance, they are effective in deterring crooks. This is due to the dome casing, which makes it impossible for others to discern which way the camera is pointed. For possible thieves or vandals coming from all directions, this creates an air of uncertainty.

The most important advantages

  • It’s simple to install because to the unobtrusive design.
  • It’s appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Vandal-resistant dome means it’s more difficult to tamper with the camera, which rotates 360 degrees to cover all directions.
  • Uses that are ideal

Because the design allows you to watch a broader angle at your facilities, this is the perfect form of CCTV camera for stores, restaurants, casinos, hotels, and other hospitality enterprises. Many people think this is the greatest interior CCTV camera since it can be mounted on a strategic spot on the ceiling to capture all aspects of the room without being visually invasive.

CCTV Bullet Cameras


Bullet CCTV cameras have a distinctive, very noticeable design. They have a cylindrical form and have the ability to see over vast distances. Bullet cameras are most typically used outside, thus their casings are water, dust, and dirt resistant.

The most important advantages

  • Because it is highly visible, it serves as a deterrence to criminals.
  • In difficult settings, dirt-resistant
  • Surveillance across large distances is possible.
  • Casing also protects against glare and moisture, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Bullet cameras are effective in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, property management, and agriculture. They not only take high-quality photographs, but they also alert passers-by that your property is being watched. That is why they have always provided the best CCTV for exterior use.

CCTV Cameras with a C-Mount


C-Mount CCTV cameras are an excellent choice for individuals who want to adjust the field of vision. They come with removable lenses that can be rotated to monitor different distances. C-Mount cameras, like bullet cameras, are often large and serve as a visual deterrent to criminal activities.

The most important advantages

  • The camera may be modified with special lenses to expand its range beyond 40 feet.
  • Criminals are deterred by a very apparent look.
  • In frigid conditions, a rugged camera case can be fitted to protect the camera.
  • Its weatherproof casing makes it perfect for usage outside.
  • Uses that are ideal

This camera is great for monitoring a length of road on the way to your business. As a result, it is widely used in the utilities and logistics industries. Due to the camera’s durability under severe temperatures, those in the food and industrial industries may also choose this option.