Home CCTV cameras prevent any scoundrel from entering the home as it comes with an alarm system that blows when any suspicious activity occurs in the home. CCTV cameras maintain close vigilance for every moment of walking or staying at home.

Home CCTV cameras prevent any scoundrel from entering the home as it comes with an alarm system that blows when some unscrupulous activity happens in the home. He maintains a close vigil for every moment of a person who walks or stays at home. This comes with the aesthetic feature of recording footage from the area where it is installed for security reasons. These devices include high-end hard drives that can store large amounts of footage for future use. It has the capacity to store footage for about a year, which can be viewed later via, the network and the TV or mobile phone. Are you looking for a reliable security device for your home or office from unwanted theft or burglary? Then overcome this problem simply by installing a good quality CCTV camera at work or at home. Video surveillance refers to television systems that are connected to small cameras and TVs. The increasing number of unusual and criminal cases around the world make these CCTV cameras an ideal accessory for both commercial and local businesses. Installing security cameras at home or in the office helps to lead a calm and secure life. The CCTV camera is mainly connected to an Internet-accessible TV, which offers constant viewing of what is happening in the home or office.

With the rapid growth in technology, CCTVs are now within the reach of the common man and people are increasingly using this service to protect their homes and offices. The main advantage that CCTV cameras offer is that it will be monitored around the clock, 24 * 7 per day.

When buying a CCTV camera, it is essential to pay special attention to the digital surveillance system. The video surveillance system consists of the camera and its lens, CCD, ie. pair charger sensor and monitor. The image is captured by the CCD and converted into a signal, which is then sent to a monitor that can be viewed or recorded.

Here are some tips to take when buying CCTV cameras:

Location: Will the camera / cameras be placed outdoors or indoors? What will the camera capture – people’s faces or larger crowds?
Light status: Is the camera expected to record in low light or only when the lighting conditions are optimal (as on the day of recording). Black and white cameras are ideal for low light conditions. Color cameras are only useful if the lighting conditions are optimal.
It is necessary to decide on the width of the viewing angle
Focal length is another important factor.

How far will the camera be placed from the objects it is expected to capture?

Image sensors: The image sensors in the camera are responsible for the clarity and sharpness of the image. CMOS are cheaper, but CCS cameras generate sharper images, but are relatively more expensive.