How many times have you watched a movie or show on TV and the thief in the show or movie deftly disarmed the security system by just cutting the wire and thinking “Gee that seems too easy”? The fact is that there has been no reference to the fact that long ago many home and business security systems were so easy to bypass and in fact some were even easier then.

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The truth is that many security systems can be bypassed by simply turning off the power to the home or business, by simply turning off the power in the circuit breaker box, or by disconnecting the telephone line to the home or business. Therefore, even if you already have a security system in your home or business and it is an older system, it may be outdated compared to the new systems that are already available. Now new high-tech security systems have more than one layer of protection that they provide for the actual home or building, and they also have systems that guarantee the integrity of the system itself.

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To begin with, there is a new wireless technology that is now available that has no wires that can be cut as you saw on the TV show and because the alarm signal is also sent to the wireless monitoring station, there is no telephone line, which to reduce or. Not long ago, basically, the only protective layer of a building was the travel mechanisms that were on the doors or windows, and that was all, and you might actually think that’s all it takes. Unfortunately, the criminal thinks differently and windows and doors are just one option to take when entering a building. Many thefts have been committed by accessing the ceiling through an attic vent or even by cutting a hole in the roof.

With the new technology coming online, high-tech ultra-sensitive body and motion detectors are another layer of security that can protect your building or home from someone who has bypassed windows and door alarms. For commercial applications, these devices are invaluable for protecting a business from someone who is hidden in the building during business hours. These super high-tech devices also have another application that provides a layer of security that has never been available before. Body heat and motion sensors are typically used to enclose a building with an invisible protective barrier that will trigger the alarm before anyone can even touch the building. They have a range of 35 feet and work flawlessly in all weathers, day and night. There are never false alarms with these high-tech components, as they are so finely calibrated that they easily distinguish humans from animals such as dogs and cats.